A day at Iwee

Every day at Iwee is joyful, action-packed and full of fun!. Although, no two days look and feel the same, some candid treasures can give us a measure of happiness that gives us being amongst children.

Our Spaces

Iwee campus is filled with Engagement zones, Obstacle path, sensory paths, Agility arena, an inclusive playground. Academic zones are classified as Activity areas, library corners, Our fun-rooms are spacious and well-ventilated and come with Quiet corners to cool the heals off of our young ones whenever they feel . We have a secret tree-house that gives everyone a hug.!!. 

Happy Moments

Iwee thrives on two basic elements: how happily children go home from school and how happy they are to get back to school. 


Iwee hosts some of the most inquisitive and innovative events ranging from healthy cafe, festivals, storytelling, stargazing to math and science fairs.