Be a part of our Iwee family in four easy steps

Step-1: Inquiry

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Call us on 733 773 7717 or scan the code below for all your initial queries. We will help you with basic information and book a campus tour.

Step-2: Campus Tour

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This is the most importance step in choosing the right preschool for your child. This gives you and young one, a first-hand experience of the facilities at our campus, and to meet our team. This would also be mean we get to meet you to know you! 

Our campus tours are elaborate and held only on Saturdays between 10 am and 2 pm. Make sure you book your slots early. 

Step-3: Conversations

Relevant conversations enable us to understand your child’s developmental needs, adopt right strategies so that your child feels safe, included and empowered. 

Step-4: Apply

We have an open-door admission policy and we do not ‘select’ or ‘filter’ children. We welcome all children with different abilities and developmental needs. Enrolments are limited to 15 children per each grade and is on a be-first get-first basis. 

Our digital on-boarding process is seamless and is such a breeze. We provide a quick orientation and simplified documentation. 

Voila!, welcome to Iweeeeee!!