About Us

Our Philosophy

A journey from I to WEE

Did you know a child’s development is shaped by a multitude of factors? And that physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspect are interconnected. That’s why at IWEE, we strive to provide a comprehensive education that addresses all these aspects and adapts to meet each child’s unique needs.

Our philosophy is grounded in the world-renowned and widely acclaimed Brofrenbrenner’s Ecological model, which emphasizes the importance of considering a child’s environment, culture, and community when providing education and care. 

Using this philosophy, we aim to create a community where children are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and discover the world around them.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive and equitable early childhood learning center in India by fostering a loving environment that meets the needs of all learners.

Our Mission

To provide children with exciting and stimulating learning opportunities in a welcoming and caring environment. We work closely with families to meet each child’s unique needs, and aim to ignite a love for learning.

Our Values

Inclusiveness – We value diversity and are committed to creating a fair and inclusive educational experience for all.

Openness – commitment to a culture of transparency, accessibility and social empathy.

Our Team


Sujatha R G


Manjunaath J N

Executive Director Academia & Outreach

Amisha Rashmi Kumar

Co-founder and Managing Director

Advisory Committee

Mrs Hema Ramaswamy

Faculty Development and School Improvement Advisor

Dr Bindiya Shajith

Inclusion Advisor

Mr Midhun Noble

Financial Advisor

Ms. Meghana Ravikumar

Psychologist and Counsellor


Elizabeth Joy

Senior Educator

Preethi Mary V

Senior Educator

Rashmi G

Senior Educator

Sarada Hiranmayi



Lakshmi Amma

Swarna Amma

Gurubai Amma

We ended up with IWEE early years after visiting multiple other schools.

Such was our first conversation with Manjunath and Amisha. It was very comforting and assuring at the same time.

We didn’t find them jumping to syllabus that they will teach nor were they in a hurry to teach A,B,C s or 1,2,3,4 to the kids.

Rather their method of letting kids explore, following kids led learning method with required guidance from teachers seemed an interesting concept. We are glad to have met them.

The school was great choice for our child. We saw the change in our child. Caring is also good by teachers in the school. Scheduling cultural activities for children are good enough.

We have only great things to say about our experience with “Iwee Early Years” school.

The teachers are amazing; they treat each child with care and engage them in group activities, which enables them to gain confidence in their abilities and public behavior.

The school is so great not only about shating moments of pride but also to highlight the factora to be taken care of from the parents’ side in a timely manner.

My children love the school-from teachers to students.

Veera’s schooling at iwee years is one of the best decisions taken by us and we relish the right choice made for our kid.

She has developed a more humane outlook with an eagerness to learn ,objective thinking and a self driven urge to go to school everyday with a deep sense of belonging there.

Iwee has made it possible in mounding her into a wonderful daughter and a good human being.