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Our programs at Iwee are designed to provide children with a fun and inclusive learning experience that promotes growth and development. Following the National Curriculum Framework 2022 and National Education Policy 2020, we ensure each program builds on what a child has learned before. To meet the individual developmental needs of each child, we offer flexible learning paths within the same curriculum. This way we can lay the right foundation for your child’s future.


■      It helps the parent and the child to cope with separation anxiety. This anxiety is very natural when families first enter a relatively unfamiliar environment outside their homes.
■      Parent develops trust in the educator who shall be caring for their child by observing the practices of the educator closely and by actively participating in the programme.
■      The child gets introduced to the educator and Iwee’s environment in the presence of their parent, assuring them to trust the facilitators.
■      Our experience suggests that children participating in the beginners programme experience smoother settlement and are 60% less likely to cry on their first day at school. 

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