for children

Our programs at iwee are designed to provide children with a fun and inclusive learning experience that promotes growth and development.

Following the National Curriculum Framework 2022 and National Education Policy 2020, we ensure each program builds on what a child has learned before. To meet the individual developmental needs of each child, we offer flexible learning paths within the same curriculum. This way we can lay the right foundation for your child’s future.

It is common for families to feel uneasy when entering a foreign environment that is outside of their home.

  • Introducing your child to the educator and our environment in your presence to assure them to trust the facilitators.
  • Our experience shows that children who participate in our beginner's program settle in smoothly and are 60% less likely to cry on their first day of school.
  • Our Playgroup program provides a balanced mix of Care, Communication, and Play, making it a favorite among parents and children alike.
  • Children who attend Playgroup develop a greater awareness of themselves and their environment.
  • Nursery Environment for slightly advanced play and hands-on learning experiences
  • Semi-autonomous development through communication, socio-emotional growth, and competencies.
  • Iwee Juniors offers structured hands-on learning experiences through digital content, and projects, without compromising on fun.
  • This program promotes agency, social awareness, and empathy.
  • Children are prepared to confidently enter Grade I and are taught to embrace diversity and inclusivity.
  • The program develops independent, confident, and resilient children who are socio-emotionally healthy.
  • Our Summer Camp offers a refreshing experience for children through collaboration, connection, and care.
  • The camp offers structured play, kinesthetic experiences, and a range of activities for your child.
  • We ensure a set routine during the Summer break and provide stimulus to keep your child inquisitive and healthy.
  • Working parents can provide a safe and comfortable environment for their children after school hours through our program.
  • The program offers extended hours for those who need them.
  • Our facilities prioritize safety and hygiene for the children.
  • Let your child discover the "why, where, when, and how" behind various concepts.
  • Unleash creativity and break down barriers between science, math, engineering, arts, and technology.
  • Perfectly mapped to the EVS syllabus of classes 1 to 3.
  • Nurture a love of reading in your child with our programme.
  • Develop important skills like listening, speaking, critical thinking, and collaboration through fun activities.
  • Our programme features edu-drama, phonics, story crafting, story yoga, language games, and music.
  • Introduce your child to the thematic arts programme and watch your child create their masterpieces and develop a love for art.
  • Children will explore different art materials and techniques, drawing inspiration from famous artists
  • Iwee Juniors offers structured hands-on learning experiences through digital content, and projects, without compromising on fun.
  • This program promotes agency, social awareness, and empathy.

for parents

for educators

  • Our programme for preschool educators certification can help develop comprehensive skills and knowledge to meet children's learning needs.
  • Guaranteed placements for educators completing 12 weeks of the programme.
  • Designed for freshers entering the preschool space for the first time.
  • Relevant, contextual, and practice-oriented to offer a rich learning experience for teachers.
  • Flexible modular format to explore a range of topics.
  • Designing Effective Learning Experiences
  • Smart Learning Plans for Children
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Early Years
  • Inclusive Pedagogy in Early Years
  • Toy & Play-Based Teaching
  • Basics of Digital Literacy for Teachers
  • Child Protection & Safety
  • Immersive learning experience, along with a completion certification, for Education Diploma/Degree students and teachers.
  • Meritorious students may be offered a position at our Center.
  • Develop skills in Child Protection, Inclusion, and Pedagogy.

for community